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Why work with OE Solutions

Being the best and specialists in the recruitment of hospitality staff, OE Solutions removes the hassle and risk associated with employing permanent staff members.

.We employ greater efficiency at a lower cost, thereby enhancing competitive capabilities.

.Outsourcing reduces the cost to company on human resources, administration, payroll and skills development   

.All employees will be interviewed screened, tested and reference checked before assigned.  

.We handle employees wages all statutory obligations and attend to pay queries, thereby relieving our clients of this time consuming hassle.

.As the staff members are directly employed by us, they cannot claim unfair dismissal from our clients

.A pool of skilled and efficient employees can be brought in or removed from an organization within the shortest possible time frame. For this reason, outsourcing enables our client’s company to focus on their core business.

.Clients only pays for the hours that are physically worked

.Increased productivity and employee stability, increase production that makes up for outsource premium.

.All our employees are entitled to an annual leave, sick leave and family responsibility leave provided they meet the qualifying criteria.

.UIF and COIDA (Compensation for Occupational Injuries & Disease Act cover) . Chefs /Cooks

And We also provide Catering and Events Management services

Avoid the stress and hassle of organizing an event (function or conference) yourself by getting the right help.

Our company has the experience and the connections to make your event a success. We able to provide the best in service at every step of the process, we will make sure your function or conference has its every need catered to.


We promise to make your company’s function or conference be one your guests will always remember